Saturday, 16 December 2017

Warnham Local Nature Reserve

Mixed Gulls - Warnham LNR
A beautiful start to the day on the Reserve was followed by a miserable afternoon but this did not stop the wildlife and there was plenty to see around the site. Redwing seemed to be everywhere from dawn onward and there were plenty of Song Thrush and Blackbird around too particularly on Mill Meadow amongst the sheep.

In Walnut Tree Plantation two Roe Deer played hide and seek as they moved around the woodland mainly browsing on the Hazel coppice. There were also lots of Bank Voles whizzing around feeding station at the moment and they are even appearing around the reflection pool.
Roe Deer - Warnham LNR
 As the weather turned cloudy in the evening there was a huge number of gulls starting to appear and at one point I thought it might be a rare occasion where they actually roost on site but just before dusk they did all leave and head in their normal south easterly direction. I had the nets open from first light and managed to catch quite a few birds which was probably down to the cold start. It is nice to see the Goldfinches starting to make an appearance in the nets now and they always brighten up a ringing session.
Goldfinch - Warnham LNR

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