Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Warnham Local Nature Reserve

Sunrise at Warnham LNR
A beautiful autumnal morning greeted us today with every cobweb on the meadow glistening with the last of the over night dew. The main event from dawn this morning was large movements of Woodpigeon heading in a north easterly direction. Today also saw good numbers of Stock Dove interspersed with the Woodpigeon movement. Nothing new to report on the Millpond itself other than a minimum of six Water Rail calling around the reedbeds this evening. The numbers of these reedbed skulkers should start to build from October onwards and if we have a particularly cold snap we could well end up with birds visiting the Woodpecker Hide feeding station to fill up on free seeds.
Water Rail - D. Verrall
Reedbed Management - A. Harwood
The warden team were out on the reedbed adjacent to Heron Hide doing the final bits of clearance and finish off the raking. The management of the reedbeds at the Reserve is done on a four year rotation which provides a mosaic of different ages which helps to increase the biodiversity on site. So this area of reedbed will now not be cut again until 2021. I have not had a chance to tally up the totals from on the Reserve thus far but will ensure they are available tomorrow. Many thanks David Verrall and Anne Harwood for there help with suppling the pictures and text for the blog

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