Thursday, 9 November 2017

Chennells Brook Castle

Scrub Bashing at Chennells Brook Castle
Horsham Green Gym were out again today with 23 volunteers scrub bashing at Chennells Brook Castle on the north side of Horsham. The job today was to quell the Bramble growth which was beginning to cover the scheduled ancient monument. Armed with loppers and shears the gang managed to get through all of the target area as well as get the majority of the arisings burnt too.

Chennells Brook Castle is a motte and bailey which is a type of medieval fortification which was brought to Britain by Norman settlers. It is hard to make out on the ground the remains of the castle however the ditches around the motte and the bailey sections are immediately obvious when visiting the site. Sadly the wooden structure of the monument is buried underground and it is only the earth shape which gives any hint to the places rich history. Below is a very simple picture of the principle behind the motte and bailey style of castle. For more information about this particular ancient monument follow this link: Chennells Brook Castle, Horsham

If you would like to get involved or know more about the Horsham Green Gym group then click on this link The next task with this group is at Owlbeech Woods on Tues 14th November and we will be birch pulling on the heathland enclosures.

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